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iVaccinate is THE digital assistant to your Vaccination Practice. Available currently for Android Phones here

1) It helps you pick vaccines and schedules for your patients, maintain vaccination status records with dynamic adjusting due dates and ability to preset packages and input custom schedules
2) Quick Calculator feature lets you quickly determine dates for vaccination, without having to enter patient details
3) It helps you plan your vaccine purchases by listing vaccinations due in the near future
4) Lets you personally send sms/email reminders to your patients. Thus ensuring better compliance and overall disease protection.
5) Lets you place accurate orders in a jiffy for your vaccines-no need to remember brand names/pack details!

The app is FREE! (for making records of upto 5 patients) If you wish to use this app after that, please write to us at stating your name, specialization, mobile number and area of practice, and we will send you your unique email id-password combination.

Salient features:
1) Up to date IAP schedule (2013), including catch up schedules.
2) Doses smartly depend on previous doses. If dose x is given a few days earlier/later than due date, then dose x+1 due date will change accordingly
3) Native sms and email integration. Smses are directly sent from your phone, thus saving on costs and administrative hassles. Vaccinees can directly call you back to seek appointments.
4) You can customise a schedule specific to your preferences
5) Can smartly take a backup on sd card/email, and the same is readable in Microsoft excel.
6) We do not record any data from your app. The backup that you take will be stored on your SD card/ sent to an email id of your choice
7) You can use the in-built application to place orders with your supplier!

How to set up the app in your device:
Nothing, just install from the play store.

This application has been developed with assistance of Inov8 solutions and BlueOort Softwares Pvt Ltd


Vaccine stock tracking app:

The input sheet

Vaccine inventory tracking app

The tracking dashboard

Vaccine stock tracking dashboard


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