So you took an injection in spite of being healthy, now record it!

Bravo! You (or your baby) have completed the most important steps for your protection. First you resisted procrastination (Vaccination is almost never “urgent”), and then endured the ‘needless’ pain of the injection.  Ah! but the vaccination is not recorded, or incompletely recorded as most short lasting medical procedures are. The affording class in India has Read More

H1N1 (swine flu) vaccines available status

Swine flu vaccine (Influvac) is likely to be available in first week of March 2015. Please ask your doctor/Pharmacist to call us on our number 2671 9513 for buying in Mumbai.

Meningococcal Vaccination for student travel to US

Meningococcal vaccine required for travel to the US is available with us. (See here: Menactra ). However we cannot supply to patients, and you will have to co-ordinate with your family doctor. Please call us for guidance at 26719513 (People residing in Mumbai only!)

Welcome to Vaxin Point!

Welcome to Vaxin Point. We are a one stop shop for Pediatricians in Mumbai for all their vaccination needs. This website currently has our credentials, our contact details and an order form in case you want to place the same online.