Typhoid Immunization

Routine immunization

  • Both Vi-PS (polysaccharide) and Vi-PS conjugate vaccines are available
  • Minimum ages:

> Vi-PS (polysaccharide) vaccines: 2 years

> Vi-PS (Typbar-TCV®): 6 months;

  • Vaccination schedule:

> Vi-PS (polysaccharide) vaccines: single dose at 2 years; revaccination every 3 years; (no evidence of hypo-responsiveness on repeated revaccination so far).

> Vi-PS conjugate (Typbar-TCV® ): Single dose at 9-12 months and a booster during second year of life.

  • Vi-PS Conjugate vaccine (PedaTyph®): data not sufficient to recommend for routine use.
  • Greater experience and more robust data with Vi-PS polysaccharide vaccines; whereas there is limited experience with Vi-PS conjugate vaccines.

Catch up vaccination

  • Recommended throughout the adolescent period, i.e. 18 years.

Brands available




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